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About our company

the forbuyers team was established in 2007 under the leadership of ceo jingliang qiao and cto lu wang. originally consisting of a 16 member team, the company has swelled to a nationally listed chinese company with over 400 employees.

today, forbuyers is the largest b2b organization for industrial products in the world connecting global buyers to high-quality chinese suppliers.

forbuyers was founded and continues to operate on three fundamental principles:

  • • strategically simplifying the sourcing process with innovative technologies
  • • improving purchasing efficiency for buyers
  • • overall strategically developing the growth of trade communications between Western countries and China.

Our Background

Our Team & Headquarters

Contact Information

Address: No.169 Science Avenue,
3d最稳七码复式概率 High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan

zip code:450000

3d最稳七码复式概率 tel:+(86)371-67985936

3d最稳七码复式概率 email:service@gongchang.com

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